In these days you should probably heard talking about NFC. Through Google’s new mobile payment method news, rumors which talk about up coming iPhone’s NFC functionality and so on.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range (< 5cm) wireless communication technology. Working in Myti I got some opportunities to implements several mobile applications which based on this technology. Here I’d like to describe one of the many things I learned during the implementation of those applications. It’s about operating (using) modes of NFC. According to specification it has three different operating modes.


The first mode is Read/Write Mode. This mode gives ability to read and write a passive RFID tag using NFC enabled divides. Common example of utility of this mode is smart poster which you can get more information/contents from those posters by swiping your mobile device over it .

The second mode is communication between two NFC devices (P2P Mode). Using this mode divides can exchange data between each other like virtual business cars or photos.

The last mode is Card Emulation Mode. These devices can emulate an existing contactless card which give a possibility to communicate with contactless reader for example to make a payment by swiping over a payment terminal.

But unfortunately these operating modes depend on device implementation. Not every device has all these modes. I got a possibility to work with three NFC enabled mobile phones and only two of them (Nokia 6212 classic and Nokia 6131 NFC) have all three modes. The other phone (Samsung GT-5230N) doesn’t have P2P mode implemented.

It’s important to know about what are the operating modes and which devices support them before you start your NFC project.